Thursday, February 20, 2014

2020: Texas Gladiators

Released in 1982 Directed by Joe Diamato
Starring Al Cliver and Harrison Muller Jr.

This movie is even harder to find than 2019. In fact, it doesn't even have a page on IMDB under it's proper name, you've got to look under "2020 Freedom Fighters". So it must be good old fashioned eye candy of the Mad Max/Road Warrior aesthetic and a real bragger for collector's of drive-in schlock. Here's the lowdown: The world has been ripped apart by nuclear war and everyone basically survives in roving bands of scavenging gangs. Not just road scavenger gangs either, but a shmorgashborg of fights between kung-fu cowboys, hi-tech NWO soldiers, and horse-riding indians! The ultimate prize, control of super-fuel refinery filled to the brim with gasoline. Expect tricked out buggies, snarling fascists, bad hair, big guns, and bigger tits.

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