Thursday, February 20, 2014


Released in 2009 Directed by Shane Acker
Starring Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover.

This is the kind of film that really makes you feel like you're watching something special. It's the kind of film you can easily call a film, and not just another action-packed PA movie. Based entirely on the dark vision of a short film written by Shane Acker, it's a visually stunning and moody trip inside a world that's so wonderfully detailed, you'll find yourself forgetting to blink lest you miss another turn.

The main character is called 9, the last of nine dolls created by a lone genius who watched the world end, leaving these small living dolls as humanity's last hope against the robots who wiped everyone out. If that's not gothic enough, Tim Burton produced the film, tipping it right over into that dark special place where your mouth opens just a bit more, your eyes push forward, and you somehow feel the most intense empathy for each character, in fact, more empathy than you'll probably feel for any movie on this page. The animation is astounding, the colors engulf you like a warm but itchy blanket of cool gloom, and the manner of expressions accomplished through characters with only buttons for eyes is worth an award in itself. It's like Wall-E meets the Corpse Bride.
I highly recommend buying the DVD, because you'll surely want to play this more than once.

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