Monday, February 24, 2014

Contact With a Like-minded World

Good Monday, my friendly, smelly, fellow apocalypse survivors. About this time of day I've eaten a few small animals caught in makeshift traps, and find myself choosing from a variety of old butterknives and sawblades to shave my scraggly mug. I've made contact with a fellow scavenger in the land of the Million Monkeys, where he and his men make base in an old theater. I can only imagine what a city full of monkeys would smell like, and perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to find out soon as we gather together, drinking cayenne-hemp ale, and raiding ancient football armories for shoulder pads.

Join Nate at his much older and more refined theater of bad movies, bad actors, bad plots, and bad cats. And worry neggie, the monkeys are locked out.

Nate was kind enough to inform me of the bitterly small fonts throughout my reviews, and as much as I find your pain to be totally hot-plastic, I forget sometimes that i have the eyes of a radioactive hawk (I can read a street sign four blocks away), so I've upped the sizes for all you lazy eyes so you no longer have to click CTRL + to read the damn things. My apologies. I'm also taking submissions for banners and backgrounds, pleasant to the eyes and appealing to the wasteland aesthetics, they can reference the namesake film "Empire of Ash" or my favorite "Hell Comes to Frogtown"(Both of which should be posted by Sun-Drop), but neither are totally necessary. If a really hot one comes my way I may happily supply the artist with a film from the site of your own choosing. Incentives, yes, aren't they wonderful?

So here's to a new friend, and another week of delicious chemtrails and sabertooth-weasel pancakes. Stay sharp my friends.

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